How can I help boost your stories….


Today, consumers expect brands to be relevant, engaging and ethical in everything they do. From sourcing to visual expression, from production to tone of voice. What you believe in and how you act as a brand is key to the future consumer. Product and design cannot stand alone, consumers want to know more and they want to know it fast. To embrace this challenge brands will need to define themselves in a clear and consice way and dare to share their passion and their vision.

Get your story told. Product, collection, DNA, design, people – I dig out the good story, write it and adapt it into articles, brand manuals, press releases or digital content. 


Who will tell your story and how? I link stories to the right media and open the door to key journalists and influencers. Each story customized to fit  a specific target media – quality coverage not quantity coverage.


What story needs to be told when? Who is your target and when should it be told? Together, we define your PR strategy ensuring a clear overview on the timing of your press efforts and a definition of all key players and their role in the process. All to maximize the impact on the end consumer.


Ambassadors, sponsorships or charity. Creative collabs linking people, media and business. Together, we develop trustworthy and inspiring concepts with focus on executing and ensuring a 360 degrees use of all content.

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